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Geoff Anderson Polybrush

Design features:
The PolyBrush™ shirt features a number of exceptional qualities that really show their worth in high temperatures and high air humidity. Under strenuous conditions, you will often perspire quite a bit. As soon as you take a break, the shirt will instantly dry and once again feel comfortable.

PolyBrush™ offers high UV protection (+50).

The shirt’s ventilation system consists of a large mesh opening on the back as well as two small ones under the arms with YKK® zippers.

The combination of these openings and the fabric’s breathability allow for a large cooling flow of air and quick drying. In addition to this, the shirt is equipped with a perspiration transporting mesh lining, which effectively spreads the moisture and also helps contributes to a quicker evaporation.
The sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a strap.
One of the front pockets features a YKK® zipper and is suitable for safe storage of valuables.
In comparison to its thin structure, the PolyBrush™ fabric is very durable. It allows for rough treatment and will retain its look even after numerous washes and much use.
The shirt is easy to pack, light and non-iron, which makes it suitable for those who wish to reduce the amount of clothing and weight of their pack. PolyBrush™ is so finely woven that insects have difficulty biting through it.


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